Level Up Your Automation Tech Knowledge

Intelligent Automation Week is Back!

In a world with advancing technologies, it is no surprise that companies across all industries are digitalizing their operations for improved service delivery. Automated technologies, like robotic process automation, machine learning, and other cognitive technologies, have become the hottest trend amongst global companies in sectors with high-transactional process functions such as banking, transportation & logistics, insurance, and many more. Intelligent automation technologies have opened a huge door of opportunity to excel their operations and gain great competitive advantage. While many enterprises have taken this leap towards faith, some have yet to take those first steps. Additionally, those who have implemented automated processes still have not mastered them.

Many individuals and teams experiencing IA journey share similar objectives in order to better their operations and services, but on different levels. For example, those still planning and launching as well as those evolving share similar interests in improving their accuracy and productivity, discovering what IA can do for their businesses, and successfully manage their IA workforce. But, those in their beginning stage aim towards improving their productivity and accuracy by better understanding the basics of IA and better manage their workforce with successful change management. While those in their advanced stages aim towards improving the productivity and accuracy by refining their project management strategies and better managing their IA workforce by developing  sound career paths for their IT and business-side IT workforce. Nevertheless, all share the common goal of reducing labor costs to save money and advance their services.

As for the companies at their maturing stages, they are more focused on stable growth, the future of IA technologies, and receiving a return on their IA investment. The businesses at more mature stages in their IA journeys lean towards more strategized initiatives. The purpose of this is to proficiently understand, speak, and communicate about automated technologies in order to deliver on a variety of IA program objectives to a wide array of stakeholders and business divisions. Matured IA enterprises look towards the future to scale-up their IA technologies from RPA to the bigger platforms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Having strategies like this in mind, they aim to grow their business by expanding cognitive technologies across the entire company. All of these companies at different stages of their IA journeys aim for different goals, embrace different challenges, but share the same commonality to learn more about cognitive technologies.

Programs like Intelligent Automation Week are taking the initiative to provide a place and an experience where industry leaders can get together to discuss their obstacles, ideas, and success stories in an effort gain a better grasp on cognitive technologies. By providing workshops for both beginners and those already advanced, executives are given the opportunity to personally customize their event program according to their needs. With track sessions specifically designed for different industries and IA journeys, everyone is given the ability to learn in a setting matched to their professions. In interactive discussion groups, professionals have the ability to express their most pressing questions in small group settings allowing for more intimate and progressive conversations. During keynote speeches and case studies, attendees are inspired by big ideas for the future and better understand automated technologies based off of others experiences. For more details on Intelligent Automation Week, access your first look at this year’s program.

Ed Garabedian