Announcement: Blue Prism 6.5.0 is available!


Blue Prism 6.5.0 is available for all implementations

Blue Prism v6.5 allows business leaders to automate together, automate better and automate more, with features that expand on the pillars of scalability and security. This latest version of the Blue Prism platform focuses on data, language expansion and increased security. Version 6.5, combined with the Intelligent Automation Skills, makes building higher-quality business processes easier than ever before. New features of v6.5 include:

  • Outbound Data Gateways: Make it easier to do more with data by providing a mechanism to push data from Blue Prism to external systems such as monitoring tools, reporting engines, data stores or flat files.

  • Full Japanese & Simplified Chinese:  Through a simple drop-down box, customers can select their preferred language on the Blue Prism UI.

  • Work Queue Snapshots: Use third-party reporting tools to generate comparisons and trend analysis of work queue volumes through use of this new feature which provides snapshots of queue volume metrics at defined intervals.

  • IPv6 Support: Enables Blue Prism to be deployed in environments that utilize IPv4 or IPv6 network protocols for all connections as well as those that use a hybrid approach, utilizing a combination of both protocols.

  • Google Sheets VBO: Allows Blue Prism to easily create and interact with Google sheets to update spreadsheets, create workbooks, add data, work with ranges, and much more.

  • Updates to Login Agent to bypass SAS: A new Login Agent version provides the ability to programmatically send Ctrl + Alt + Del as part of the login, to assist in situations where this security policy cannot be disabled.

Release documentation

The following new documents are available for Blue Prism 6.5:

  • Blue Prism Release Notes 6.5

  • v6.5 User Guide – Feature Summary

  • v6.5 User Guide – Data Gateways

  • v6.5 Data Sheet – Blue Prism Network Connectivity

  • v6.5 Data Sheet – Google Sheets VBO

Upgrading to Version 6.5

In order to get the greatest business value from your Blue Prism platform, it is necessary to upgrade to version 6.5 today. Blue Prism 6.5 does not require a new license key unless upgrading from Version 4.2 or earlier. Information on applying the update to existing environments, as well as more detail on the new features of the release, please refer to the v6.5 Release Notes.

In addition to all new functionality

Blue Prism Digital Exchange with v6.5, Blue Prism allows users to choose from best-in-class technologies that are available for instant download via the Digital Exchange and ready for use in the Blue Prism Design Studio.  Visit to include your choice of AI, OCR, Machine Learning technologies in your Blue Prism process today!

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Ed Garabedian