RPA in Shared Services - from our Shared Services Week Series, https://www.sharedservicesweek.com/

Robotic process automation has taken the industry by storm including finance, healthcare, and technology. Companies have taken initiatives to implement RPA into their operations for many reasons, from improving efficiency to driving revenue. Among the organizations who have taken on the RPA implementation process, they all had lessons to share through both their success and failures. With the experience these companies have had through their implementation processes we learn the right steps to take and the things to avoid when taking on RPA.

Financial services group PNC began their RPA operations to drive their shared services into revenue for business. They wanted to automate the simple processes of “hand work” & “head work” such as manually transferring data into different applications or extracting information from external sources. PNC planned their implementation around automating their three heavily manual tasks with RPA and cognitive automation. These heavily manual tasks included transaction details during payment processes and on-boarding data entry. To learn more about PNC’s RPA journey and their top takeaways, access their case study.

IT company HP, Inc. outlined their case study around the value RPA can add to your shared services operations and how to apply that value to advanced operations down the road. HP’s Senior Director of Innovation highlights the cost difference and quality benefits of RPA compared to onshore & offshore labor. Their comparison research found that RPA provided better productivity, compliance, and scalability. For more details on HP’s RPA research, access their case study.

American printing company Quad Graphics began their journey by highlighting their strengths through each channel. They continued to explore how they could transform to provide a more efficient and effective platform that created greater value by implementing production floor automation, introducing BPM into their Order-to-Cash process, and utilizing RPA in production and administrative areas. By applying RPA and automation into every step of their operations, they improved their end-to-end process. Access the Quad Graphics case study for more details on their journey and lessons learned along the way.

Healthcare company Ascension presents their case study based on myth busting doubts on RPA and how to make the automated process a reality. They run through the technical challenges that keep organizations from taking their first step into implementation. And they breakdown simple process solutions and how to execute them properly so they can begin their automation journey. Access more information about Ascension’s research and RPA operations in their case study.