6 must read blogs for RPA

As the RPA market expands be sure to stay up on the latest industry news, project insights and tips from the pros with these great RPA sites.


As one the leading consulting and research firms in the US and around the world, KPMG is all over RPA.  You can get some great white papers here on what RPA is, market, and KPMG’s thoughts on how to be successful with it.  

The RPA Academy

The RPA Academy is a fantastic RPA training and community site.  In addition to high quality paid training, there are a ton of useful free webinars and blog posts on a variety of subjects.  Posts include market trends, vendor demos, and real project case studies.

AI & Intelligent Automation

The AIIA is a fantastic resource for all things AI and automation focused including RPA.  Check out the RPA channel here: https://www.aiia.net/robotic-process-automation

Apex Systems

Apex Systems is an IT services and career recruitment firm that gets RPA.  Carrie Collier, PRC is the practice lead and is passionate about helping people break into the RPA market.  Search for RPA on their site for informative blog posts. Be sure to check out the latest market insights here, https://www.apexsystems.com/CE/CareerReadiness/SiteAssets/Videos/RPA%20Pulse%20%20Hiring%20Trends%20and%20Market%20Status-20180523%201531-1.mp4

HFS Research

HFS Research is a research firm (ala Gartner, Forrester) that produces some nice, in-depth pieces on RPA.  Although most current reports require payment, HFS does provide access to older reports that are still very relevant and informative.  Just search for “RPA” on the site and you will get a treasure trove of information. One I really like is , https://www.hfsresearch.com/pointsofview/tale-two-models-rpa-deployment, which provides insights into two different styles of RPA deployments.


Sutherland is a digital consulting form with a strong RPA practice.  Take the inherent sales pitches with a grain of salt and dig out the knowledge nuggets.  You can find their list of RPA related posts here, https://www.sutherlandglobal.com/search-results?query=RPA

Ed Garabedian