How to break into the hot RPA market

If you are reading this then you are one of us.  You get it.  RPA makes sense.  RPA works.  RPA is going to be big.  Now what?  How can I leverage RPA in my career/business?

Here are some resources and thoughts from the RPASuccess team.  (And please reach out, we would love to hear your ideas, maybe there are opportunities for working together!)

RPA is yet again one of those old but new techs.  It has been around in different forms for a while but with improved tech, machine learning, ai, cloud, the latest batch is really taking off.  Good news is there is a huge skills shortage out there and if focused you can break in.

From a career perspective its the same drill you have have been using for most of your career - dynamic, real-time learning.  Dig in, download and start playing.  Industry Certs are not always as valuable as the tech vendors claim but in this case, given limited resources, we think certs can really help you rise to the top of the resume filtering stack.

UIPath has to be on your list.  With a free community addition, training, and rapidly growing community, it is a no-brainer to start here,

Be sure to check out the UIPath's free learning content at .  If you like us ADD kicks in all - look squirrel! This is a good how-to book with hands on exercises that can keep you on track.

Another strong RPA vendor to check out is   Workfusion has a fantastic, free training site called

What we like about this Workfusion training is it goes into the business context of RPA as well as the tech.  Even if you are more interested in the tech, you will absolutely need to understand the business drivers to have effective interviews with potential employers and ultimately be successful in an RPA career. 

For our non-tech readers, especially business/system analysts, you will love the intro to automation course, as it will walk you thru the whole value proposition and the reality of what is needed for successful RPA projects.

The next vendor, Blue Prism is rapidly becoming a global, fortune 500 leader in RPA solutions.  The challenge with Blue Prism is they are taking an SAP-like approach to training and trail software and only offering access thru authorized channels like  At this stage, we think paid training is worth it and will easily be paid back based on the demand for Blue Prism developers.  Definitely consume what you can for free from their website and youtube and perhaps you can score a gig and get official training paid for.

Well that should get you all started.  Please let us know your tips for learning and thriving in the new world of RPA!

Ed Garabedian